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Lynton and Lynmouth offer a unique holiday experience for all, situated on the North Coast of Devon noted for its high sea cliffs, within the Exmoor National Park  noted for its breath taking natural beauty and unspoilt landscape. This is a perfect place to access the  inner moor, visit historic houses, inspiring gardens, catch glimpses of the majestic red deer and the wild Exmoor ponies. 

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Lynton lynmouth cliff railwayThe small rural town of Lynton and coastal village of Lynmouth guarantee an escape to those wishing a complete change from the busy pace of modern life. It is impossible to rush in Lynton & Lynmouth. Set in the heart of Exmoor National Park the twin resorts are far from industry and commerce. It would be natural to assume that their appeal has relied solely on incomparable scenery and that that they have no claim to any remarkable happening in the past or indeed, the present. Take time to look a little closer, for they boast an impressive history that is not only diverse, but is surprising, fascinating, and most of all - notable.

The following is a short introduction to some of the many interesting features of the resorts. Even a short visit is certain to impress, but it is suggested a stay of at least two days is needed to explore unique Lynton & Lynmouth. Surrounded by magnificent scenery, the setting of Lynton and Lynmouth on the North Devon coastline is unequalled by any resort on top gear at lyntonEngland’s shore. The high ground of Exmoor falling to meet unusual ‘hog back’ cliffs (Visit the Cliff Railway) that plunge steeply into the sea provide a breathtaking backdrop to the rural communities nestling below. The Lyn Rivers that tumble through deep wooded valleys as a series of small waterfalls meet at Lynmouth and flow across a rocky shore to the open sea. A small harbour flanked by the famous Rhenish Tower hints that a herring trade once sustained the community. The small town of Lynton originally supported by sheep farming, stands high on the cliff above its sister village.

On Sunday the 20th of September, the 32nd Doone Run was a success, thanks not only to all of our participators (and luckily great weather conditions to ease our competitors pain) but also to the lovely and understanding local support! Held in aid of Care for Kids North Devon (a local charity providing instant financial assistance for local families with a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness) the Doone Run 2015 raised an amazing £2000! So another huge congratulations, well done and thank you to everyone who took part in this fantastic fundraiser - all of your hard work payed off! 

Starting in the beautiful seaside village of Lynmouth, begins undeniably one of the toughest races of its distance in the UK, but one of the most stunningly scenic courses you will find. Over 2000ft of climbing, yet this part road, trail and footpath route, takes you along coastal paths, wooded riverside banks and fell side slopes - so we look forward to seeing you next year!


By Sadie Stone

Huge Congratulations to all Tri The Beast Athletes!

Yesterday was an extraordinary day of exceptional performances and achievements and we were so lucky to also have incredible weather to show off the stunning scenery at its best.

To say thank you for being part of the inaugural event, and for understanding any teething problems experienced in this first year, we have decided to make all the athlete photographs (Rob Barker Images) available for free download from Facebook. Click Here for Facebook page (If you wish to purchase full res images please be in touch).

Enjoy basking in your glory and we hope to see you back for more next year!

Exmoor is renowned for its winding road climbs and precipitous coastal path, both of which you will encounter as well as the clear Devonshire sea waters on the swim leg. The challenging terrain and breathtaking scenery creates an awesome experience that will undoubedly stay with you long after the aches and pains have gone! Tri The Beast Training Days are the perfect way to get prepared.

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