HM Coastguard Lynmouth

We are based in Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth and available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and yes we have been called out on Christmas day in the past. The skills of the team range from a paramedic to farmers and plumbers to a mechanic and national trust wardens, and a student. All of which come together in wind and rain to the benefit of others, selflessly thinking of those that need their help.

The team trains a minimum of once a month with regular patrols or our area which runs from Crock Point to County Gate and cross boundary cover and backup to the Porlock and Ilfracombe teams on either flank, and up to 2 miles inland.

The team is called out on average only about 15 times per year to searches for missing persons and their animals, cliff rescues, people cut of by the tide, injured people on the coastal paths and beaches and cliffs. Due to the geography of the Lynmouth area the pagers that are used to call us out are very ineffective and so we remain one of the very few coastguard teams in the country to still use maroons to alert the team members and the community to a call-out.

We investigate and identify items and objects in, on and around the sea and the shore.

The coastguard has responsibility to counter pollution and investigation and control of actual incidents, the investigation of ordnance washed up and have the responsibility as the receiver of wrecks. We are happy to come out to groups and organisations throughout the year for talks, presentations and demonstrations on the HM Coastguard service.

We would rather be called out sooner rather than later, we are more than happy to help with anything that is asked of us and no genuine call will be ignored if you have the slightest doubt about anything call the coastguard 999! For any incident in our area of responsibility.