ROAD CLOSURE - Lynmouth Hill/Directions Corner Featured

Please find below details of the road closure affecting Lynmouth Hill/Directions Corner from 27 January 2014.
There will be a complete closure with no access from Lynmouth Hill into Lynton from 27 January 2014 until 14 February 2014. This will allow not only the cliff stabilisation works on the junction to go ahead safely but also the engineering department of DCC plan to reinforce and stabilise the cracks in Lynmouth Hill at the same time. Therefore there is no option to open the road over night or to allow a 'school run' window.

However, Devon County and Filers Buses have laid on a 'shuttle' bus from Lynmouth to Barbrook to link in with the 309/310 services. I have requested one of the shuttle times coincides with the school buses so students from Lynmouth can link with the school bus at Barbrook rather than parents go all the way around twice morning and evening.  This is being arranged by DCC officers.

After 14 February 2014 Directions Corner will be open for traffic from Lynmouth Hill to travel into Lynton and vice versa.  Lynbridge Road will remain effectively a cul-de-sac entered from Fountain Cross until the work ends 7 March 2014.

I have confirmed with DCC engineers the road closure will not be in place solely for parking of vehicles or storage of materials at Directions Corner. All such activity will take place in Lynbridge Road so the route from Lynton to Lynmouth via Lynmouth Hill will be closed for the shortest period possible.


Kevin A Harris - Town Clerk