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Lynton & Lynmouth Neighbhourhood Plan

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Welcome to the Lynton and Lynmouth Neighbourhood Plan website.


The Lyn Plan (Neighbourhood Plan) is an important opportunity for our community to write our own plan for the parish of Lynton & Lynmouth.


       "Our Future in Our Hands"




The referendum will be held on Thursday 21 November where you can vote on whether you want the Neighbourhood Plan to be used to decide planning applications locally. Full details are available on the North Devon Council website.


The The Neighbourhood Plan has been modified in light of the recommendations made by the Examiner, together with other minor modifications to correct errors. The Authority's Decision Statement confirms that the modifications proposed are accepted and that the Neighbourhood Plan will proceed to referendum. The Decision Statement and associated Schedule of Additional Minor Modifications can be found on the ENPA website.


The Examiner's Report was been sent to Exmoor National Park Authority and Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council - the report has been published on the ENPA website.




What's the Starting Point?


The Lyn & Exmoor Vision Community Plan highlighted a number of priorities including:

  • providing local affordable housing,
  •  improving business opportunities, 
  • promoting renewable sources of energy, and
  • protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment.

It is not intended to repeat this process but to pursue the priorities by having policies that will help to achieve these goals.



How will it Work?


The Neighbourhood Plan will be developed by you as members of the Lynton & Lynmouth and Barbrook communities – you may live here, work here, go to school here, shop here or have social connections to the Parish. You know your community best and can help in identifying sites in or around these settlements which would be suitable for housing, business or other forms of community-related development which will shape the long term future for your Parish.


The Plan is important for everyone because, if a vote at a referendum is successful,  it will be a legal document and decisions on planning applications will be required to be made in accordance with your Neighbourhood Plan.


A small Steering Group of Members from the Town Council, Exmoor National Park Authority (as Local Planning Authority) and the Lyn Community Development Trust has raised the money to help pay for the production of the Plan and will ensure that the correct procedural matters are followed by the community.


How can I get Involved?


To ensure that the Plan is led by the community, a number of Neighbourhood Representatives have come forward to work together with small sections of the local community or work with groups such as businesses, services, clubs, and societies, or young people. The Neighbourhood Representatives will be supported throughout this process and will work alongside others as a team.


If you are interested in finding out how you could become involved with other local people to help develop the Neighbourhood Plan then please see the page on Neighbourhood Representatives and get in touch, or speak to a localSteering Group member.


There are opportunities now, and over the coming months for you to engage and contribute to the Plan so please get involved as this is an important opportunity for everyone connected with Lynton, Lynmouth and Barbrook to help shape your community.



If you live or work in Lynton & Lynmouth parish and you are in need of housing - make sure you fill in the housing need form.



If you have any comments or questions about the Neighbourhood Plan for Lynton and Lynmouth Parish please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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